About Us

Amour is a streetwear brand that was founded by two brothers, Rami and Taylor Dunham, in 2015.  The brand takes a lighter approach to the often gritty nature of streetwear by promoting love and collaboration, specfically amongst rising artists.

 Taylor Dunham (Left) and Rami Dunham (Right). Milk Gallery, May 2017.



Milk Gallery: https://milk.xyz/articles/parsons-bfa-photography-grads-took-over-milk-gallery/

Meatpacking Distrcit: https://www.meatpacking-district.com/stories/parsons-bfa-photography-grads-took-over-milk-gallery/

Superhero Magazine: http://superheromag.com/blog/amour-brand-new-streetwear-project/

Next Question: http://thenquestion.com/introducing-amour/



Returns / Exchanges

Please send all return/exhcnage inquiries to: theamourinc@gmail.com